Rush Order Fee

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Rush Order Fee



What is a Rush Order?

I process orders on a first come first serve basis, however there are sometimes customers who want to receive their order quickly (whether it be a birthday, wedding, special occasion, etc). By paying a rush order fee, it ensures that an order is put to the top of the list and sent in time for the date it is required.

Will this impact customers who don’t apply a rush order fee?

Whilst Rush Orders are put to the top of the order list, regular orders will still be sent within the current turn around time. (Check here for the current turn around times).

Why is the Rush Order Fee so expensive?

The fee will go towards several things, such as upgrading the shipping to a courier so that the package arrives quicker, or upgrading shipping from my suppliers if I don’t have the materials readily available. Rush orders would also require longer working hours so that regular orders (with no rush fee) will be still be processed and sent within the turn around.

How long will it take to process a Rush Order?

I aim to send Rush Orders within 1-5 working days (some pieces require resin, which can take up to 72 hours to complete).

Note, I will always try to do my best to get rush orders sent in time for the deadline, but is not always possible to process a rush order fee for various reasons (the required date is too close, for example). In this case, I will contact the customer to either suggest an alternative item or offer a full refund.

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