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*PRE-ORDER* 'Aurora' Necklace (Oceans of Time Blue)

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Note: This item is a pre-order. Pre-orders of this item are scheduled to be shipped on 1st March 2024.

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This regal statement piece is guaranteed to make you feel like the Queen that you -are-. 

From each side, a gorgeously detailed flourish meets in the middle- like two lovers under the moonlight. A beautiful jewel nestles into a smaller setting and carries a larger, richly detailed frame that lovingly embraces a stunning, precision cut glass jewel. All of the elements combined are accompanied by matching accent beads made from high quality glass originating from Europe.

It is important to note to the wearer that if you don this piece, the light reflects gorgeously upon the jeweled elements and thus, you may have victims falling to your feet.

There are 2 chain length options available:

  • Choker, the overall length is 16 inches including a 5 inch chain extender so that it can be worn between 11-16 inches.
  • Standard Necklace, the overall length is 20 inches including a 5 inch chain extender so that it can be worn between 15-20 inches.

Materials include; silver plated copper, silver plated brass and glass. This item is not made from sterling silver. 

If you have any questions about this item, you are more than welcome to contact darklingbeloved@gmail.com

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