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Darkling Beloved

Rosary 'Lucy' Necklace (Colour Options)

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This vampire inspired necklace is a great option for those who stride with a villainous prowl.

One of the most eyecatching features of this piece is the large cross, the striking details are accompanied by a finely cut, round glass jewel. The cross hangs from the next disinct feature - a detailed setting that embraces a stunning, high quality, beautifully cut glass jewel. Connecting the pieces together are exquisite, pigmented glass beads originating from Europe.

It is important to note to the wearer that if you don this piece, the light reflects beautifully upon the jeweled elements and thus, will certainly draw in your awaiting victims with ease.

Materials include; Silver plated copper, silver plated brass, steel and glass. This item is not made from sterling silver. 

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